Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CTR is good

CTR played a very good game against Mischief at DUI 2009. Don't worry Mischief nation, there is definitely room for a lot of improvement on our part, and plenty of excuses can be made. We had an uncharacteristic number of unforced errors. We had plenty of drops and throwaways. But the fact is that CTR went from down 3-5 (down 2 breaks) to winning 13-5. They scored on offense and then broke our offense 9 times in a row.

Our defense wasn't great and plenty of folks made mistakes (of course including me). But don't look past CTR's talent. I'd guess that after going down 3-5 they had fewer than 15 turnovers. Maybe fewer than 10. To put that in perspective, we beat D'oh at Nationals despite having just over 20 turnovers, and lost to Shazam in semis having just over 20 turnovers. CTR had undeniably efficient offense.

So, I think we all have to look inside and fix what we can fix personally. Work on fundamentals, find that fire on defense, work on our flow. But at the same time, we need to remember that CTR played an amazingly efficient offensive game and if they can play that well every time this season, they will be the team to beat.