Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sectionals 2k9

This past weekend, Mischief played in the Northern California Sectionals tournament, our first stop in the fall series. Big thanks go to Chris Doyle for his 2nd year as sectional coordinator and to Gillian for her 2nd year as an awesome TD. We had 17 teams this year in an attempt to pull the size bid to the NW and get 4 bids to nationals this year.

We started out against Lemon Party, a team we've played a couple times in the last few years. We came out looking a little tired, but they couldn't match our athleticism as we outran them to a 13-2 win.

Next up was That's what she Said. This game started out trading points. They were doing a good job hucking on us and we just weren't clicking. I believe the score was 5-5 before we finally broke them on D and went on to take half 7-5. The second half our defense got amped up and we went on a decent run to finish up 13-7.

Our 3rd game was against the team 23 minutes. They were a pickup team created 23 minutes before the bid deadline to try and help get us the size bid. They looked a little tired and were still figuring out how to play together. We took advantage to jump out to a quick lead. We ran away with things to take a 13-2 win.

Our last game was against Butter. I don't really remember much of this game. We ended up winning 13-8. Winning our pool put us with a 9 am semis against Night Train.

Saturday morning, we rolled into Stanford and you could tell we all were fired up. We went into the game and after trading a couple points, we started getting breaks. We pushed our lead out to 11-5 before stepping off the gas a little and letting night train back into the game. We were up 12-9 and then 14-10? I think before they closed to 14-13. Our O got the disc and moved it really well up the field for the score with no turnovers. This gave us a bye and then finals against AIR who had upset CTR in the other semis.

For finals, we came out firing on all cylinders. We jumped out quickly to a 5-1 lead and took half 8-3/4. In the second half we kept the pressure on and took a few more breaks to finish as Sectionals Champions with a 15-7 win. Fist pumping starts now.

Highlights of the weekend included Will's sick handblock on the goal line, Taz's ridiculous huck to Emily who had an even more ridiculous grab, Shwu getting another D on a dude going deep, Christina skying fools, Sunya's layout catch on a sideline, Ryan with a great deep layout D that sadly got called back and many many more.

Many thanks to our injured captain Gizmo for running things and to Kari and Paul for sideline support all weekend.