Monday, June 2, 2008

Today's lesson: extension

Okay, there is actually some skill in fist pumping. A teammate or two may need help in learning this skill. As loving teammates, it is our responsibility to help the lesser skilled teammates improve in the fundamentally essential technique of proper fist pumping.

Today's lesson should really build upon previously learned techniques of the proper way to make a fist and load the arm for the pump. I'll let those more skilled in that specific area to give tips. This lesson is more about how to extend your arm, "to pump" so to speak.

When "pumping" you need to thrust your arm out to its full extension. Direction isn't as critical when initially learning this essential technique. What is important is FULL extension.

An example of good extension:

Note how her right arm is fully extended ("pumped"), while the left arm is cocked to begin another pump. This is good technique.

Let's contrast this to an example of poor technique.

In this example, note the lack of enthusiasm in the pump. This is demonstrated in the short extension of both arms. This is not a good fist pump. You want full extension. Having items in your hands or a pack on your back is truly not a valid excuse for a lame fist pump. In these cases, drop the items in your hands and sack up about the pack on your back. Fist pumpings always have dibs on your attention.

To recap on today's lesson: Full extension on your pump for maximum impact.

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