Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Team Bonding

Posted on RSD, from Dan Savage's advice column on The Stranger:

I'm on a kick-ass coed Ultimate Frisbee team. We are all hot, drink tequila together, go naked hot-tubbing, and reward great plays with lap dances. And each of us is at least 10 percent gay. I want to take the team to the logical next level: an orgy. I brought up the subject at the last team meeting, but everyone thought it was a joke. Can you suggest a way to get a whole team to be GGG? Please help!

Sports Orgies Team Bonding

Maybe the whole team would be down with making a film for HUMP! 4, The Stranger's annual amateur porn festival. The team could win a $2,000 first-place prize—think of all the Frisbees and tequila you guys could buy with that kind of money! More info at www.the

I had to look up "GGG." According to Wikipedia it means "good, giving and game."
My suggestion to Sports Orgies Team Bonding would be to make Nationals as the 15th seed.

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Whitney said...

It is blog posts like this one that make me proud of the fact that I'm part of Mischief Nation.