Friday, June 13, 2008

Welcome Mischief 2008

As the dust from tryouts settles, the team is looking around, welcoming new members, shaking out practice schedules, and generally getting to know ourselves. First things first, a round of introductions.

We've got a smokin' line of ladies this year, starting out with Lyndsay, Steffi, and Shwu, and early additions of Sunya (who first wowed us at Lei-Out - and the wooing began soon after) and Kara (awesome handler from Stanford Superfly). Sunya is a dominating cutter and Kara really shone as she shredded the big LA Metro cup at Cal States. These two superstars are joined by Danielle and Gizmo's athletic defense and cutting, and Hannah and Fresh's all-around awesome disc skills and speed. Emily also returns to Mischief, bringing more confident cutting and ridiculous catches. Kitt continues adding to her lengthy list of contributions to Mischief, this year as a practice player. We are sad to be losing Crystal to grad school on the east coast, but glad that she can keep practicing with us until then!

For the men, we returned Mark, Doyle, Warren, Kyle, Chucky, Wes, Wade, Pickett, Adam B, Will, Ryan, and Andy. To that spectacular list of men's finest, we added several more studs both familiar and new. You all know Paul from his previous Mischief exploits and the famous series on "5%". Yes, folks, the workout nazi is back. You might also remember Dan O, who snuck his way back onto the team in a manner befitting a sneaky handler. There was never an official announcement (until now, I guess) - that's how stealth he is. Perhaps the yang to Dan O's yin would be Adam Leventhal, that larger than life brash talking trash talker. And adding a much needed Goliath is Chris Hyde, aka Snaggletooth. Rounding out this ridiculous roster are rockstar alternates Eric ("LT") and Nick Weiss, who contribute between the two of them a veritable smorgasbord of speed, hops, lefty throws, facial hair, big sunglasses, and je ne sais quoi.

So there you have it, Mischief 2008!

Next up, we'll be testing our mettle against some of the best in the mixed division at the first elite tournament of the year - Boston Invite, June 28-29. Then we've got the fun optional tournament - Potlatch, then Spawnfest in Seattle in late August, and Labor Day, before we buckle down for the series. Should be a fun ride.

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